Dr. Amrita Goldar

Senior Fellow, ICRIER

“The training is nothing. The will is everything. The will to act…” – Batman Begins (2005)

A trained trade economist and mother working on issues related to energy, environment and climate change for the past 15 years; hoping to make the world a better place for her daughter to grow up in. 

Dr. Somit Dasgupta

Visiting Senior Fellow, ICRIER

Ismail Haque

Associate Fellow, ICRIER

Diya Dasgupta

Research Associate, ICRIER

An economist by training with a keen interest in energy modelling and international negotiations.

Sajal Jain

Research Associate, ICRIER

Sajal is a resilient economist working on climate change and sustainable development with hopes of change in heart and practicality in mind.

Malay Kotal

Consultant, ICRIER

Malay is an urban practitioner working on issues of housing and migration.

Ankit Pal

Consultant, ICRIER

A mathematician working on climate change and energy modelling, to help create a sustainable world.


Research Assistant, ICRIER

Thinking, he can make an impact that matters… – A passionate environmentalist tangled between science and policies.

Kumar Gaurav

Research Assistant, ICRIER

An engineer turned climate researcher who believes carbon is like a boomerang.

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