Greening the Steel sector and the Role of G20

The ubiquitous nature of steel with its applications spanning across diverse sectors be it buildings, infrastructure, vehicles or consumer durables, makes it critical to tackle emissions originating from its production. The steel sector contributes to 7 per cent of the global energy sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and countries across the globe are aggressively pursuingContinue reading “Greening the Steel sector and the Role of G20”

Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Powering the Aviation Sector

In light of the global drive towards carbon neutrality, countries are increasingly focusing on sectoral contributions to emissions in order to realise their respective emission targets. The spotlight has shifted towards hard to abate sectors such as industries and transport. Within the mobility sector, while significant progress has been made on the road transport front,Continue reading “Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Powering the Aviation Sector”

Flipping the context: Shifting the focus to developed country climate (in)action

In the run up to as well as following the commencement of the much-awaited COP 26 negotiations, several countries have announced plans of becoming net zero emitters. Although a welcome move, it is important to highlight the inherent inequities between the developed and developing countries in terms of ambition and concrete action. Perhaps a closerContinue reading “Flipping the context: Shifting the focus to developed country climate (in)action”

The Ground Reality of Carbon Neutrality

Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. In today’s context, reliance on coal is not down and out and it still makes a gigantic economy like China bow down to its feet! This is evident from the fact that the country is presently battling a major power crunch. While theContinue reading “The Ground Reality of Carbon Neutrality”