E-waste to Wealth through the Circular Economy Route

The Indian economy is growing at a fast rate. With rapid industrialization and development, citizens’ aspirations for a higher standard of living is increasing and so is the demand for latest technologies or gadgets. A recent report shows that there has been an exponential growth in the  utilization of electronic devices  world over. According toContinue reading “E-waste to Wealth through the Circular Economy Route”

Adaptation Finance: Scaling up for Better Preparedness

Climate financing is a widely discussed necessity and yet a conflicted topic since the climate change debate has begun. Between the right definitions, huge scope, and adequate amount of climate financing needs and requirements, the world has witnessed plethora of finance commitments. Amongst the many aspects of the climate finance debate, one of the critical Continue reading “Adaptation Finance: Scaling up for Better Preparedness”

Scaling up sustainable flows: Green FDI

Climate finance negotiations have been surrounded by multiple need estimates as well as diverse commitments to address the same. While the actual realisation of some of those commitments remains yet to be seen, what can be clearly observed is the rising magnitude of the global climate finance need. The latest estimates for climate finance flows inContinue reading “Scaling up sustainable flows: Green FDI”

The Role of Financial Institutions to Avert “Green Washing”

“Lack of money is the root of all evil” – George Bernard Shaw The G20 Indonesia 2022: Note on Agenda Priorities by the Sustainable Finance Working Group enunciated three priority topics that it will focus on in the year 2022 for sustainable financial policy making. The note accentuates the crucial role of institutions to increaseContinue reading “The Role of Financial Institutions to Avert “Green Washing””

Distributive impact of green recovery packages

Currently, the world is in an extraordinary situation and is responding to an unprecedented social emergency caused by the covid pandemic and climate change. On one hand, governments have a task of reviving the economy in the short term, while on the other hand they also have to think and plan how to reduce theContinue reading “Distributive impact of green recovery packages”